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Godzilla & Kong Aren’t Good or Evil In Their Versus Movie

Godzilla vs Kong isn’t about good versus evil – it’s about what motivates each individual monster and those things don’t always coincide.

Godzilla and Kong aren’t explicitly representatives of good and evil in their upcoming confrontation in Godzilla vs Kong. The MonsterVerse movie, set to be released on HBO Max in March, is set to bring together the two Titans on the big screen and the trailer for Godzilla vs Kong shows a brutal battle ahead. While the film’s first trailer showed Godzilla as a villain as humans around the world ponder why he is attacking cities seemingly unprovoked, other clips have been careful to turn the tables and show Kong’s brutality, too.

Who the true villain of Godzilla vs Kong is remains a mystery. While the trailer makes it seem as if the movie is focused on the titular battle, there are some hints that the scale of the film could be even larger. Speculation that Mechagodzilla is hidden in the trailer has led to musings about what the film’s larger plot is. Could the monster that is terrorizing the globe be who Godzilla is trying to stop?

All those questions, and more, will be answered when the film hits HBO Max, but according to Collider, it won’t be so cut-and-dry. Producer Alex Garcia gave broad hints as to the plot of the film and said that neither Godzilla or Kong are inherently good or evil. Rather, they are fighting for what motivates them. What those motivations are remains unclear.

Much of the speculation surrounding Godzilla vs Kong has been about who is the bad guy and who is the good guy in the film. Each of their respective films has operated in a moral gray area. The original 2014 Godzilla film’s trailer did the same thing that Godzilla vs Kong’s first trailer may be doing, positing Godzilla as the bad guy and Kong as the good guy when there are actually larger forces at work. Regardless of who turns out to be the villain, though, it sounds like the film is trying to make a case that neither of them are completely good or completely bad.

Kong has always been painted as more sympathetic than Godzilla, but the recent MonsterVerse films have been looking to make the King of the Monsters sympathetic, too. Seeing as he has saved the world twice now, it seems as if humans should have a little more trust in Godzilla. Kong and Godzilla’s fight may just be a backdrop for a much fiercer foe. Whether or not that foe makes a full appearance in Godzilla vs Kong or if he merely appears as setup for the next entry remains to be seen.