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Tom Holland Had To Read Spider-Man 3 Script In Sections

In keeping with Marvel’s strange script-reading practices, Tom Holland says he read Spider-Man 3’s script in sections. because of how it was written.

Tom Holland reveals he had to read the Spider-Man 3 script in sections because of the way it was being written. According to Marvel’s current schedule, Spider-Man 3 will premiere in December of this year. Holland will return once more to play Peter Parker, a role he’s so far taken on five times. Production started up at the end of last year, and fans have already been treated to various set photos showing Holland in costume. Jon Watts is returning as director, and most of the supporting cast for previous MCU Spider-Man movies will be back as well.

Little is known about Spider-Man 3’s plot at the moment, though it’s expected to pick up from the previous installment’s cliffhanger. The end-credits scene for Spider-Man: Far From Home saw Peter’s secret identity revealed to the world, just as he was framed for the murder of Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal). That development is bound to have explosive repercussions, but much of the conversation surrounding Spider-Man 3 has been about how it will dive into the Marvel multiverse. Reportedly, past Spider-Man actors like Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire will appear in the film, though Holland has denied this.

Marvel scripts are notoriously difficult to obtain and read, and it sounds like the one for Spider-Man 3 was no exception. However, the reason for that isn’t expressly spoilers. Holland recently spoke to Collider about his new film Cherry, and conversation inevitably led to Spider-Man 3. When asked about his first response to reading the MCU film’s script, Holland admitted it was a bit trickier this time around. And yet, he had nothing but praise for the story. Holland said:

"Well, unfortunately I had to read it in sections because there is an element of figuring it out as we go on this one, as there is with most of these big movies, but it is fantastic. It’s easily the most ambitious standalone superhero film I’ve ever been a part of. It’s incredibly exciting, it’s funny, it’s emotional, it’s everything that you’d want in a superhero film. I’m loving it. I mean I’ve loved all of them, but I’ve never had as much fun as I have on this one. Being with Jacob [Batalon] and Zendaya again, being with Jon Watts again, with Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige and all those guys, it’s just like a family. We’re having a great time and we’re really, really making something very special."

Marvel likes to keep their scripts under close watch to prevent spoilers from getting out, and surely that has a hand in Holland’s Spider-Man 3 experience. However, one could also say the reason writers Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers were figuring it out as they go is due to the sheer amount of cameos the movie is said to include. Perhaps they were unable to write certain moments until actors were properly booked, making it difficult to plan out Spider-Man 3. At the same time, this could be a stretch, and the unconventional nature of Spider-Man 3 could just be a result of the Marvel format.

Nevertheless, this isn’t the first time Holland has heaped praise on Spider-Man 3, so it really sounds like Marvel fans are in for a treat with this one. Even without the multiverse-hopping story, Holland’s performance has been widely praised by audiences, and many are just excited to see him swing into another MCU adventure. He might have had some trouble reading the script, but Holland’s enthusiasm for Spider-Man 3 has us pretty hyped too.