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    Rocket Piano works for anyone who likes to take up piano lessons. The site caters from the absolute beginner from young to adult and to anyone who does not have the time to take up practical lessons in their busy schedules. Playing the piano is an art and it is important to focus the mind and be devoted to the lessons if you need to become a skilled piano player. Rocket piano is dedicated in optimizing this aim and have accordingly designed an online piano course to suit the diverse needs of their piano lesson seeking customers.

    Rocket Piano is highly suitable for beginners who are uncertain of where and how to begin their piano lessons. The course is equally structured to facilitate those who wish to resume their piano lessons after a considerable lapse of time. You can start Rocket Piano lessons from the comfort of your own home, sitting in front of your own piano. It’s like having your own personal piano tutor with the additional benefits of being able to take up lessons at your convenience and accomplish your skills at your own desired speed and time.

    The piano lessons comprise of a flexible learning method featuring:

    • Music reading
    • Finger techniques and exercises
    • Improvising as you go along
    • Learning to play Gospel and Jazz
    • Achieve the touch of magic and feel that comes only from a pro piano player

    The value pack of lessons of Rocket Piano is chock-a-full of up to date quality information and data accompanied by hundreds of sound files, diagrams, pictures and highly effective video sessions to simulate a practical piano lesson. The experts who put together this package are Rock Star Recipes, an authoritative force in this field with more than 5 years of online teaching experience. They guarantee their customers that this multimedia course with step by step guidance is all the training required to play by ear, read music confidently and set the path to joining ranks with the top performers in the field.

    The Pros

    • Equally suitable for beginner, intermediary or advanced players
    • Course structured by teachers with over 30 years of practical experience
    • Effective design for fast tracking of piano skills
    • Efficient email support

    The Cons

    • The absence of a system to track progress of students
    • Inability to provide any feedback on player performances

    Customer Reviews

    Ample customer reviews can be found for Rocket Piano on the internet. This is just a sample from the lot.

    According to Cathy Howes "The course is the best purchase made in her life and she permits her quotes to be used in all advertising of the product. She also promises to spread the word among her friends encouraging them to take up Rocket Piano lessons."

    "I have learned to play my first Jazz song and I've had Rocket Piano only for a week! Thanks", says Jeff Tallot.

    Jerry Wilson who bought the full package has performed better than expected despite being declared as a legally blind person. He quotes “I waited rather late in life to take up a musical instrument, but this is important to me and thanks for a very good product."

    Bottom Line

    The bottom line is that the majority of users of Rocket Piano online course perceive it to be a high value product yielding expected output which amply justifies its reasonably priced cost.

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