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The tiny country, Comoros of the eastern coast of Africa that few people can pinpoint on a map. It ranks as the 179th (11th last) poorest country in the world and a true of the beaten path destination, but few places on earth have given me a bigger positive surprise when it comes to a travel destination. Amazingly friendly and warm people, world-class beaches and an underwater world, that even the most famous countries in south-east Asia would be jealous of. And to say it straight away, Comoros was my country nr 104 in the world, and it did definitely make it in among my top 10 favourite countries. There are no English guidebooks for Comoros, and very little information online, so this is most likely the most up to date information you will find. If Comoros would have been an easier destination to reach, would it be just as popular as any other island off the eastern coast of Africa, like Mauritius, Madagascar, and Schechylles.
Comoros gained independently from France in 1975. But have since then experienced more than 20 coups d'etat or attempted coups, with various heads of state assassinated, the countries the first president after independence didn't even make its second month before he was toppled in a coup. It's been a mercenary's heaven here for almost 30 years. And that's why its nickname for the country has been Coup the coup, and the country's slogan could almost have been "Another day, Another coup." The only International Airport on Comoros is the Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport is located 20km north of the capital Moroni, the airport is tiny, with only one gate, so don't expect any facilities. There's no wifi and no ATM here. So you better have arranged your airport pickup in advance. There's no public transportation between the airport and anywhere. You could walk outside the airport and get a shared taxi into town if you speak some French. There are no direct flights to Comoros from outside Eastern Africa, with the best connections being with Kenya Airways through Nairobi or trough Addis Ababa with Ethiopian Airline.
There's boat service between Moroni and Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania, when and how often it leaves, I got no idea. But there's a ticket office in the harbour close to the Government Tourist office. I HIGHLY recommend you to spend the night before your departure in Moroni. Transportation between the islands, both the boat and flights are often very delayed and even cancelled if lousy wheater. While local food is VERY cheap, has everything higher standard to be imported, the supermarkets here is the worst stocked supermarkets I have seen anywhere in the world. Even the biggest supermarkets in Moroni is tiny. There´s no guesthouse or hostel in the country, but there´s a few Airbnb around the capital. If travelling with a partner will your budget drop to half when splitting the cost.
The road leading north from the airport is full of potholes, so don´t expect to travel between places at high speed. The road from the airport to Moroni is pretty good. The road from Moroni down south to Chindini is also fairly good. If wanting to take a “ferry” to Moheli or Anjouan will you have to head down to Chindini on the southern tip of Grande Comore, this is where all boats leave from (if good wheater). There are about four boats to Moheli a day, taking up to 2hours if the water is gentle.